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    Escuelas Linux is a distribution based on Bodhi Linux. It includes a great amount of educational software and can be installed in almost any PC, either in 32 or 64 bits.

    To know more about Bodhi Linux
  • Install

    Escuelas Linux is a low-resource distribution. As it uses Enlightenment as graphical interface, its RAM and hard disk requirements are very low, making it possible to install it even in computers with at least 300 MB of RAM and 40 GB of hard disk space.

  • Included Tools

    Escuelas Linux includes very important tools for its use in classrooms, such as iTALC and NCopy, as well as its own restoreuser and forceuser commands.
    It also includes LibreOffice, OnlyOffice and FreeOffice, with everything needed to work in a school. It also includes Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Midori to choose your best option to navigate. It also has a superb selection of educational apps, such as GCompris, Geogebra or KTurtle, software for mathematics, chemistry, astronomy and other sciences.

  • English? Yes!

    Escuelas Linux was initially developed for Spanish language schools. But now the developers expanded its reach by adding support for English language, too.


Escuelas Linux 5.7, the last of the 5.x series

Escuelas Linux announces the immediate availability of its version 5.7, which is going to be the last of our 5.x series, closing in this way a cycle of development to boost the use of Free Software for educational purposes.

When Bodhi Linux 5.0 (our base distro) and the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS repositories became available, we will begin to work on the design of what is going to be our 6.x series.

Escuelas Linux 5.7 is the final update for our 5.x series, released to be a bridge to continue using legacy digital learning objects, and to begin to use new ones that will be the future...


Escuelas Linux is back with its 5.6 release

Escuelas Linux is back, with a new release intended to update several major apps, and to integrate in our distro new apps to boost yet more our educational offer.

These are the changes.

There are in Escuelas Linux three new and relevant apps

-Welcome GNU PSPP
At Applications → Education → Mathematics → GNU PSPP

Do you need to do statistical analysis of sampled data with a replacement to the proprietary program SPSS? With PSPP you can perform descriptive statistics...


Escuelas Linux version 5.5 has arrived

We are very glad to announce the immediate availability of Escuelas Linux 5.5 “Get more!”, the fifth update to our 5 series.

Among the novelties are:

- LibreOffice 5.4
The new LibreOffice version offers a better user interface, even more practical and easier to use. As for the Impress app, is not necessary anymore to switch from notebookbar to another layout in order to be able to have a full screen presentation without the notebookbar buttons being visible.

- OnlyOffice 4.4
It has numerous improvements...


We Use ONLYOFFICE™ Online Office