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    Escuelas Linux is a distribution based on Bodhi Linux. It includes a great amount of educational software and can be installed in almost any PC, either in 32 or 64 bits.

    To know more about Bodhi Linux
  • Install

    Escuelas Linux is a low-resource distribution. As it uses Enlightenment as graphical interface, its RAM and hard disk requirements are very low, making it possible to install it even in computers with at least 300 MB of RAM and 40 GB of hard disk space.

  • Included Tools

    Escuelas Linux includes very important tools for its use in classrooms, such as iTALC and NCopy, as well as its own restoreuser and forceuser commands.
    It also includes LibreOffice, OpenOffice and FreeOffice, with everything needed to work in a school. It also includes Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Midori to choose your best option to navigate. It also has a superb selection of educational apps, such as GCompris, Geogebra or KTurtle, software for mathematics, chemistry, astronomy and other sciences.

  • English? Yes!

    Escuelas Linux was initially developed for Spanish language schools. But now the developers expanded its reach by adding support for English language, too.


Escuelas Linux version 5.4, is here

We dubbed this as the “Get it Right” release, because of the number of fixes and features that make us think this is our best well rounded version.


-Firefox 54, which its new multiprocess feature, is now faster than ever.
-Google Chrome 59 in 64 bits, Chromium browser 58 in 32 bits. If using 59, now you’ll have access to its settings in a gorgeous Material Design environment.
-LibreOffice 5.3.3, with over 70 patches and fixes.
-Vivaldi 1.10 web browser, with the ability to set custom Speed Dial thumbnails...


Welcome to Escuelas Linux 5.3

There is an adage that says: “not everything old is bad, and not everything new is good”.

This is certainly true in the software world which sometimes, in a rush to offer new features, often includes undesirable bugs that could cause serious issues.

With this adage in mind, this is the first Escuelas Linux release that includes new software, as well as reintroduces old software, in some sort of regression because it turned out that the old one was better, at least in our experiences.

Let’s begin with the return to older software...


Escuelas Linux 5.2 has arrived

Building future with the use of Free Software in education, is a pleasure to announce the immediate availability of Escuelas Linux 5.2, one update to stabilize and make improvements in our 5.x series.

The novelties are the following:

-LibreOffice 5.3.1, which includes dozens of fixes.
-OnlyOffice Desktop Editors (64 bits edition), is updated to its 4.2.5 version.
-Google Chrome 57 in 64 bits, Chromium 56 in 32 bits.
-Vivaldi web browser is now in its 1.7 version.
-Geogebra is updated to its 5.0.341 version.
-Adobe Flash is updated again...


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